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When people need to communicate ideas to clients, customers, users, and employees they typically have a big problem.
They can find great writers and information organizers, but those people tend to lack the technical skills needed in the modern multi-device environment. They can find great technical developers who can't seem to communicate effectively or have no desire to teach. So they end up managing several people to get a project done.

I've worked hard to develop my skills in both technical areas and training development. With a history of highly technical work combined with a passion for communicating  knowledge in effective and engaging ways, you get the best of both in one guy. I handle the end-to-end production of multimedia assets designed to get your message across.


Training Production

Over ten years of end to end training production of internal and external training assets. From analysis and design, to development and implementation I have handled all aspects of developing training.

Web Development

From planning and design, to content creation, and even deployment, I can handle all aspects of web development.

Video Production

From scripting and storyboarding, to production and lighting and even editing. I have extensive experience with Digital video production.

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