About Me

I've done allot of stuff in a short amount of time...geologically speaking.


About Mark Coleman (not the MMA champion or the meditation teacher)

From a personal perspective, I would best be described as a Family man. But this site is not really about my personal life. This is about my professional life. So let me give you the basics of personal, and then move on to the professional.

  • Happily married to the most beautiful woman in the world
  • Have a healthy 10-year-old son who keeps us all busy
  • Native Dallas Texan who grew up near White Rock Lake
  • Currently homesteading a suburban plot in Wylie Texas
  • Computer Geek to the core and gadget crazy

That’s about all I care to see about my personal life. The rest is an open book on the internet, so dig if you want.

Professional Stuff

Probably the best resource for my career history is on Linkedin at?https://www.linkedin.com/in/markcoleman/.

Digital Information Architect – In the biggest umbrella term possible, the 50k foot view, I would call myself a digital information architect. I have always found ways to leverage technology to organize and communicate ideas or train people.

Technical Minded – Technical things come to me easily. I amazed my?parents with how fast I was able to figure out highly technical things, such as fixing my mom’s Compaq 386 by staying up all night and learning DOS. I’ve done heavy electronics repair, built large?satellite installations, build my own computers, provide 1st level computer support, and I’m always fixing the office copy machines.? I’m a pretty handy guy that spends a lot of time fixing things. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things I don’t do, like plumbing or ruby-on-rails. But that’s usually only because I haven’t yet NEEDED to do them.

Creative Problem Solver – One of my biggest strengths is thinking outside of the box or embracing innovative solutions for technical problems. I tend to have a grasp of complex systems and how they relate and can break down problems logically so parts can be isolated and tested for solutions. I am big on challenging assumptions and digging for root causes rather than treating symptoms.

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