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When I took over the Eagle Gun Range website for a refresh, things turned ugly quickly. I discovered their previous webmaster had been holding their site hostage for SEO claiming that they needed to pay for SEO to rank at all. I quickly discovered that they had disabled search engines and had not done even basic on-page best practices that are normal to do to create a great site.

On top of that, I discovered the site had a script running on the server that was NSA level hack that allowed them to take over the server at any point.?

I cleaned it up on several levels we relaunched?and within a few days, they were at the top of search results.?

Fast forward a couple of years and their business had grown enough to justify them opening a second location.?

We recently did another refresh that has really got things stepping up and has allowed them to better integrate the second?location. The site now gets over 140,000 unique visitors?per month due to some great articles, performance optimization, and basic on-page?optimization.

The Eagle Gun Range Site is optimized so that the information the users want most is available quickly. This sort of design makes Google really happy because it makes users really happy. This is the design perspective I always?take. Optimize the customer’s experience and you win the long game.