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Fresh Design Causes Client to SPIT ON THE GRAVE of Sharepoint.

Ah yeah Sharepoint, you know that great idea that just never seems to actually help productivity.


Major Features include: Real Document Management System Wiki / Knowledgbase Active Directory Integration File Store Ajax Search Website Tour Overlay Responsive Design

The Problem With Sharepoint

First there is the learning curve, then there is the "updates break everything" issue. So you end up hiring a "Sharepoint Developer". The good ones are rare and not typically interested in UX or Elegant UI, and if they are, Sharepoint (esp older versions) just didn't have the tools for it. So here's the story of how I created a Document Management/ Wiki intranet using WordPress for The Beck Group.

The Beck Architecture Sharepoint to WordPress Conversion

Of course I realize that Sharepoint is a good solution in some cases. But in the case of The Beck Group, there was a real problem. They had been unable to find a Sharepoint developer for a couple of years and after a couple of upgrades, everything broke and no one was around to fix it.

After my successful development of their internal Learning Management System, they came to me and asked if I could help. Can WordPress do this? Can it do that? Yes, Yes, and Yes. My lovely little secret with WP is it can do anything any other website can do. Even better is the fact that almost anything you want it to do, someone has already created a plugin for it. Plus the UI has a small learning curve compared to other CMS's (Joomla..cough,cough)

In the end I developed a website with visual appeal for the Architects that use it, and functional for the Business.