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In retrospect, we should?have talked less about us (Lacerte/Intuit) and more around how we helped the customer grow their business.?

I believe this to be my biggest contribution during my time at Intuit. Potential Clients could request an evaluation of our program on a CD. Previous years had a very dated?looking powerpoint presentation that ran when clients put the CD in. Then they had to go out and follow instructions to install the product. This was not a great experience for the users.

First I built a mockup and showed the marketing team what could be done. This project required input from engineering, marketing, and the VP. What I proposed was that the head honcho be in the introduction to give a face to the company and personalize it more. This was needed I think after Intuit had purchased Lacerte. Intuit tends to feel very large and machine like to it’s customers and Lacerte was not built that way. We were a relatively small part of the company headcount wise (but lot’s of revenue) that had grown our brand with?great customer service.

These are the kinds of projects I really enjoy. At the time it was very technically challenging. It was a true “Multimedia” experience that involved video, flash and a bit of programming. It was fun seeing my idea come to life and make a difference to the company.

I produced this project end-to-end including:

  • Proposing the idea
  • Created a prototype
  • Scripting
  • UI design
  • Video and audio
  • Editing
  • Built with Flash
  • Zinc Exe build